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26 May

Top Ten International Businesses of 2016

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What makes an international business successful? There are multiple components that make up an international business’s value; but ultimately, it comes down to meeting the wants and needs of companies and consumers around the world.

A recent list by Forbes of the world’s biggest companies by market capitalization identified the top three as top three companies listed by Forbes banks headquartered in China. These Chinese banks leverage China’s deep and growing involvement in international commerce by creating financial platforms for international companies to invest in and connect with one another. Some of these services include: corporate loans, trade financing, corporate wealth management and foreign currency exchange.

Berkshire Hathaway is the first U.S.-based company on the Forbes list. What is Berkshire known for? Its worldwide property and casualty insurance business. These offerings are crucial to risk mitigation in international trade.

In order to become a notable international company, these examples first established themselves on the national stage, then expanded their reach across national borders. Berkshire Hathaway’s headquarters isn’t in New York City or another metropolis; instead, it is in Omaha, Nebraska. This speaks volumes to how powerful a brand can be. Apple is another great example of a company that started on a small scale, in California, but now reaches across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. They have even hit number one on a recent list of the world’s most valuable brands.

The genius behind multinational and international businesses is that they rely on identifying a market for their products or services, excelling at meeting their customers’ needs and finding ways to expand their offerings beyond their original footprint into the international market. What makes your business valuable? Unique? Global? Check out the complete list of top international businesses from Forbes to view more examples of businesses that have scaled their offerings from national to international success.

The table below shows the top 10 public international businesses (by assets) of 2016.

Company Headquarters Assets
ICBC China $3,420.3 B
China Construction Bank China $2,826 B
Agricultural Bank of China China $2,739.8 B
Berkshire Hathaway United States $561.1 B
JPMorgan Chase United States $2,423.8 B
Bank of China China $2,589.6 B
Wells Fargo United States $1,849.2 B
Apple United States $293.3 B
ExxonMobil United States $336.8 B
Toyota Motors Japan $406.7 B (2016)

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